Bicycle Rental Terms and Conditions

1. The bicycle rental and acceptance take place at SIA "Velokurjers," located at 7 Lapeņu Street, Rīga, LV-1013.

2. The bicycle is intended for use only within the territory of the Republic of Latvia.

3. Before signing the bicycle rental agreement, the renter must present a valid identification document (passport, ID card, or driver's license) to the lessor's authorized person.

4. Prior to receiving the bicycle, the lessor will instruct the renter on the individual specifications of each bicycle.

5. The renter selects and uses the bicycle independently, taking into account their needs and abilities. The renter uses the bicycle at their own risk, and the lessor assumes no responsibility for any damage that may occur due to the use of the bicycle.

6. When using the bicycle inventory, the renter agrees to comply with the laws of the Republic of Latvia regulating traffic, including the Road Traffic Law and Cabinet Regulation No. 571 of June 29, 2004, "Traffic Rules" (the renter has the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Traffic Rules in the lessor's premises).

7. The renter may only use the bicycle for its intended purpose, riding on roads and paths suitable for cycling within the territory of Latvia. The renter agrees not to ride the bicycle on unpaved roads, skate parks, and other difficult terrain (including, but not limited to, mud, pits, water, fallen trees, large stones, etc.).

8. While using the rental equipment, the renter must adhere to fire safety regulations during movement and stops.

9. The renter is responsible for the secure storage of the bicycle and takes all necessary measures to prevent theft or loss. If the bicycle is damaged, lost, or becomes unusable for any reason during the rental period, the renter assumes full material responsibility and agrees to cover any resulting losses for the lessor.

10. The renter is prohibited from transporting or handing over the inventory (including partially disassembled bicycles, their parts, or accessories) in unsuitable means of transport. Unauthorized and arbitrary movement of inventory may be considered misappropriation with prior intent.

11. The renter is prohibited from transferring the inventory for use by third parties, except for the renter's relatives – children (persons aged 10 and above are allowed to participate in traffic with a bicycle. For children and young people aged 10 to 17, independent participation in traffic with a bicycle requires bicycle or any category vehicle driving rights). The renter assumes full responsibility for damage caused to the lessor or third parties as a result of the actions of a minor, including losses and moral harm.

12. The renter is prohibited from using the inventory for participation in races (both amateur and professional) without prior coordination with the lessor. A contractual penalty for violation of this clause is set at 10% of the total value of the inventory.

13. While using the bicycle, the renter assumes full responsibility for their health and life and is responsible for ensuring that the chosen speed and maneuvers correspond to the renter's skill level and do not damage the bicycle. The renter must ensure their health condition before starting to use the bicycle.

14. The renter is not entitled to make any material or other claims against the lessor regarding damage caused to the renter or third parties as a result of using the bicycle, including losses and moral harm.

15. By signing the bicycle rental agreement, the renter grants the lessor the right to capture or delete photographs, videos, and other audio and visual recordings, as well as collect, store, and process information during the bicycle rental period. The lessor agrees to use the renter's personal data in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Law of the Republic of Latvia.

16. The rental fee is indicated for a full day (24 hours). Exceeding the rental time by more than 1 hour (e.g., 24 + 1 hour) incurs a rental fee for the next full day.

17. The renter has the option to receive bicycle maintenance or return the rented bicycle and other equipment to the starting point with the lessor's transport. The cost of this service starts from 10 EUR, and the amount is deducted from the deposited security deposit.

18. The renter has the right to return the bicycle to the lessor before the end of the rental period. In such cases, the renter is not entitled to a proportional reduction of the paid rental fee.

19. If the renter violates the Bicycle Usage or Contract terms while using the bicycle, the lessor has the right to unilaterally terminate the agreement. In such cases, the renter is obligated to return the bicycle to the lessor immediately. Unilateral termination of the agreement does not waive other rights and obligations arising from the agreement.

20. In the case of early termination of the contract, the lessor is not obliged to refund the full or partial rental fee.

21. The renter is not responsible for the mechanical wear and tear of the bicycle unless the renter has used it without proper care and caution or in violation of the Bicycle Usage Terms.

22. If the renter fails to return the bicycle or, upon return, the lessor discovers that the bicycle is damaged and the damage cannot be rectified - the renter, upon returning the bicycle, reimburses the lessor for the respective bicycle's value.

23. In other cases where the bicycle returned by the renter is damaged or not in working order, the renter covers all expenses incurred by the lessor for repairing the respective bicycle or addressing its deficiencies.

Bicycle Rental Terms were approved on February 8, 2024.