About US

Welcome to Velokurijera Veikala's website!

We are the Latvian state company "Velokurjers", which specializes in providing courier services, event activities, organizing bicycle tourism and selling bicycles. Our company is a reliable and experienced service provider that operates throughout the territory of Latvia.

Courier services:
Our main goal is to provide efficient and fast courier services for both individuals and companies. We offer delivery services throughout the territory of Latvia, ensuring timely delivery of shipments. Our professional couriers with bicycles and various types of cars provide a fast and environmentally friendly service, as well as guarantee safe transportation for any type of shipment.

Event activities:
Velokurijers is an active organizer of events, offering various activities for both cyclists and interested parties who want to enjoy an adventure with bicycle couriers. Our list of events includes bicycle tours where you can enjoy the beautiful nature of Latvia, participate in creative workshops or enjoy cycling competitions. In addition, we also organize themed cycling events and festivals where you can meet other cycling enthusiasts and share your experiences.

Sale of bicycles:
We offer a wide range of bicycles and accessories. In our store, "Velokurjera Veikals", you will find different types of bicycles - from city bicycles to cargo bicycles. We carefully select the best quality and brand to ensure your comfort and safety while riding a bicycle. In addition to bicycles, we also offer a wide range of accessories.

Bicycle Rental:
SIA "Velokurjers" offers a variety of bicycle rentals, ranging from regular bicycles to electric ones, and concluding with electric cargo bikes. Find the perfect bicycle for your journey or daily needs and enjoy the freedom on the road!